Shaving For The Leukaemia & Blood Foundation

We’re fast approaching ski season, the perfect time to shave ones head – right?

I’m currently participating in the Foundations “Shave 10” event – raising funds for folks who suffer from various blood diseases. I’m also slowly working on the lads over at Fluid Visual Communication – I hope to get at least 3 to shave for the cause!

I’m less than 48 hours into my fundraising which I have thus far only promoted via social media tools. Twitter, Facebook and ye old faithful Internet forums.

The current count is $353 in credit card donations, and a further $90 in “old school” bank transfers which have yet to clear – so we’re looking at around $450. Half of which has been gathered from folks I’ve never met before.

Do people care what you say online? is it so overcrowded that only the loudest of voices are heard? – Perhaps.

I guess theres a lot to say for having a great cause!

The donation page is here for anyone interested in putting a drop in the bucket.

Pictures will go up onto Facebook post-shave.