Darkside Media is capable of a great many things, however some services are more commonly requested than others:

Web applications

Darkside Media delivers efficient, highly modular web applications.  We’ve developed commercial cataloging and management engines, electronic booking and highly complex and bespoke ecommerce systems and actively support a number of open source software initiatives. We can work with any mainstream Internet technology.

Webpage creation

Darkside Media specializes in quality, high impact webpages delivered within a short time frame. Our small size allows us to work to your budget far more effectively than any large firm. Our number one priority is maintaining an ongoing, positive relationship with our clients. Our marketing strategy revolves around the word-of-mouth generated by completely satisfied customers. We spend your money on development hours, not shareholders.

Web hosting

Darkside Media holds the keys to multiple web servers capable of hosting your webpage or application. We can cater a hosting package to either a low or high-end budget or requirement – it is entirely up to you. Our hosting plans are priced beyond competitively.

Technical consultancy

The majority of people don’t understand what it takes to make a website, how computers actually work or what a reasonable price for IT related product or service X is. They get told by marketers, and they believe it. Darkside offers free technical consultancy to New Zealand (preferably Central Lakes, only because we can grab a coffee) businesses.