Why would you use Darkside Media (DSM) as your web partner? Good question – here are some good reasons!

1. We are vastly qualified to do what we do

  • Our senior developers are all Computer Science majors from internationally respected Universities.
  • Our senior developers without exception have over a decade of experience.

While you assume your dentist has a qualification, the same assumption can’t be made for web professionals! You are putting a lot of faith in your web providers to do the best for you and using qualified professionals is a great start.

2. We’ve been here since 2009. Darkside Media has 9 years of proven industry history with a massive variety of clients

3. We are friendly!

Life is too short to interface with businesses that want to talk about numbers all day or live in fear of saying something too colloquial in an email. Give us a ring – you’ll see what we mean!